Windows Live Password Recovery

I'm always on the look out for helpful 'tools' and services. Usually, I work with Linux tools, but sometimes I need tools that work for Windows. There are a lot of great tools that have been developed for network and system maintenance for Windows, but since Windows is a Micro$oft product, they usually come with a price tag. Granted, there are some pretty sweet Open Source tools for Windows, and thank God for Linux tools that have been ported to Windows (ie: Nmap, WireShark, etc).

With this sponsored post, I wanted to talk about Windows Live Password Recovery. Just like all 'useful' tools, they can often be used for good and/or evil, and this is no exception. Here we have a very simple tool that recovers Windows Live passwords and versions including (Windows Live Messenger, Messenger Beta, MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger).

I often get asked about Messenger password recovery, since I have clients that create accounts, and set their Messenger to save credentials. Then when they're at a different location or trying to configure their laptop, they need to know the password. In the end we usually reset the password and reconfigure both machines... not the ideal solution. Now, it'll be nice to run this and recover it quickly. Obviously, this could used for evil so if you're a Network/Systems admin you should be aware of forged logins on the network, etc.

Now, for a Windows based application, the price is right. It's FREE!