OpenSSH and istate error on rsync/scp resolved

Ah, so today the openssh/istate error relating with the rsync/scp is now resolved. The Gentoo folks were able to roll in 4.6_p1-r4 into portage. It's not 'stable' so you're going to need to use the x86 keyword (depending on your arch). Or you can simply add this version to /etc/portage/package.keywords

=net-misc/openssh-4.6_p1-r4     ~x86

Here is the official changelog on this version:

*openssh-4.6_p1-r4 (06 Aug 2007)

  06 Aug 2007; Mike Frysinger <>
  +files/openssh-4.6_p1-chan-read-failed.patch, +openssh-4.6_p1-r4.ebuild:
  Fix from upstream for spurious chan_read_failed errors #181407.