Yesterday, I talked about NetGong and their network management software. With today's sponsored post, I'd like to about another suite of tools by the same company called NetInfo.

NetInfo is a collection of some basic network related tools. Linux users are very familiar with these, possibly using them every day like myself. The application is similar to NetGong. It's a small compact application (as it should be) that performs basic tasks like ping, trace, lookup, finger, whois. NetInfo as with NetGong is for Windows based platforms only (supported by all flavors of Windows from Win95 to Vista). Along with basic tools, it has a nice browser (that shows HTML markup -- not rendered) and a port scanner. The scanner is nice for something quick and dirty (which is what's usually needed for your own network), but I would still recommend nmap for anything super serious.

Take a few moments to look at their screenshots; they definitely have a lot of examples:

As with NetGong, the price is definitely affordable at $39.95. If you're looking to get a network monitoring station, and you were in a Windows only based environment, both tools (NetGong and NetInfo) would be two pieces of software worthy of installing.