Dell PowerEdge T105 Server on Sale

So I was thinking I needed another box for backups here at the office, so I checked out Dell. Often they have good deals on servers without operating systems. Sure enough, they have an awesome deal on Dell servers! I was able to pick up a Dell PowerEdge T105 for $269.. yeah, you read that right. That included 1GB of RAM and 2 160GB drives with Dual Core AMD Athlon 2.3GHz processor in there!

Here are some of the servers on sale:
PowerEdge T105 = $269 ($387 Instant Savings)
PowerEdge T100 = $299 ($437 Instant Savings)
PowerEdge T110 = $429 ($239 Instant Savings)

I have various PowerEdge towers here at the office and they work great for loading up Gentoo (or whatever flavor of Linux you want) and using them as file servers, etc.

To get in on the action, click here, and click on the Dell Deals On Sale Now banner