My first time with GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting - Online Meetings Made EasySo I've seen the commercials on TV about GoToMeeting for a while, but I never had a opportunity to try it out. Yesterday, I had a conference call with a web client about a application we're developing and going over some server requirements to pull it off. Early in the call, the client recommend that we have this meeting using GoToMeeting, since there were some graphic design topics that they needed to discuss with me and a marketing director.

He quickly created a invite and that was emailed to us. I clicked on the link and installed a plugin on my Windows machine. I'm not sure if this would work via Linux, I thought I'd take the safe route, since we were in the middle of the meeting when the invite was sent to me. Literally, within minutes we were all meeting and I could see the client's desktop. He said he was the "presenter" and because of that we would be looking at his desktop, but apparently others could take control of his desktop if we needed that access. Pretty interesting. This worked really well to see the graphic layout and to discuss a Visio diagram he had.

After it was all done, I was curious about the security. I went to and discovered that the connection is encrypted using 128bit AES encryption. I also saw that it supports Mac, but I didn't initially see if it was supported by Linux or not.

Either way, I was very impressed with the service and signed up for the free trial. I have another meeting next week, with a different client, and I'll try out the "presenter" point of view. Right now they're offering a 30 day free trial. Since I have meetings on a regular basis and often have to send or receive documents and screen snaps just to be on the same page as everyone else, this really makes great sense for me.

Go To Meeting is beneficial for a businesses because it is an impressive new technology and saves on business travel expenses for individuals as well as for group travel. The program can help out a business as far as task completion time for vendors or customers and it can also shorten the actual sales cycle. This also eliminates the need for a customer or salesperson to travel a far distance and still get a more personal feel to the meeting. People can meet with multiple GoToMeeting business partners at different locations all at once at the same meeting center. These programs will also be able to handle large numbers of participants very easily considering most GoToMeeting calls contain many people from all over. To save yourself and your company time and money in gotomeeting reviews, consider switching to a web conferencing system. You might find that it will boost your productivity and get you a better bottom line.

as you heard before that first impression is last impression and you acted upon it so I appreciate you. there is no doubt that many person be puzzle but all ok its not depend you them that nothing for do. Anyways thanks for sharing.

yeah i tried gotomeeting and found it easier to use than zoho but more expensive