vmare-modules- on gentoo-sources-2.6.26-r3 having problems.

After compiling a new kernel for my gentoo vmware server, I ran module-rebuild -X rebuild, since I knew I needed to build vmware-modules against the new kernel tree. Shortly after the emerge, I ran into the following compliation error:

Using 2.6.x kernel build system.
make -C /usr/src/linux/include/.. M=$PWD SRCROOT=$PWD/. modules
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-2.6.26-gentoo-r3'
make[1]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1.  Add `+' to parent make rule.

  WARNING: Symbol version dump /usr/src/linux-2.6.26-gentoo-r3/Module.symvers
           is missing; modules will have no dependencies and modversions.

  CC [M]  /var/tmp/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules-
/var/tmp/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules- error: unknown field 'nopage' specified in initializer
/var/tmp/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules- warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type
/var/tmp/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules- error: unknown field 'nopage' specified in initializer
/var/tmp/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules- warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type
make[3]: *** [/var/tmp/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules-] Error 1
make[2]: *** [_module_/var/tmp/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules-] Error 2
make[1]: *** [sub-make] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-2.6.26-gentoo-r3'
make: *** [vmmon.ko] Error 2
* ERROR: app-emulation/vmware-modules- failed.
* Call stack:
*               ebuild.sh, line   49:  Called src_compile
*             environment, line 3208:  Called linux-mod_src_compile
*             environment, line 2427:  Called die
* The specific snippet of code:
*               eval "emake HOSTCC=\"$(tc-getBUILD_CC)\"                                               CROSS_COMPILE=${CHOST}-                                          LDFLAGS=\"$(get_abi_LDFLAGS)\"                                           ${BUILD_FIXES}                                          ${BUILD_PARAMS}                          ${BUILD_TARGETS} " || die "Unable to emake HOSTCC="$(tc-getBUILD_CC)" CROSS_COMPILE=${CHOST}- LDFLAGS="$(get_abi_LDFLAGS)" ${BUILD_FIXES} ${BUILD_PARAMS} ${BUILD_TARGETS}";
*  The die message:
*   Unable to emake HOSTCC=i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc CROSS_COMPILE=i686-pc-linux-gnu- LDFLAGS=   auto-build VMWARE_VER=VME_S1B1 KERNEL_DIR=/usr/src/linux KBUILD_OUTPUT=/usr/src/linux
* If you need support, post the topmost build error, and the call stack if relevant.
* A complete build log is located at '/var/tmp/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules-'.
* The ebuild environment file is located at '/var/tmp/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules-'.

After doing some of debugging (emerged linux-headers, etc), I still ran into problems. I found this insanely long bug thread which has a solution. I'll post the quick version.

The first step is to wget the following files and put them into /usr/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules/files/

Next, you will need to edit the ebuild

vi /usr/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules/vmware-modules-

Here is the ebuild:

# Copyright 1999-2007 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/app-emulation/vmware-modules/vmware-modules-,v 1.4 2007/07/12 06:39:56 mr_bones_ Exp $

KEYWORDS="amd64 x86"

inherit vmware-mod

src_unpack() {
unpack ${A}


for mod in ${VMWARE_MODULE_LIST}; do
cd "${S}"
tar -xf "${FILESDIR}"/VMware-server-${mod}-${modver}.tar.bz2
epatch "${FILESDIR}"/VMware-server-${mod}-${patchver}.patch.bz2
cd "${S}"/${mod}-only

epatch "${FILESDIR}"/patches
# [[ -d "${FILESDIR}"/patches/${mod} ]] && epatch "${FILESDIR}"/patches/${mod}
convert_to_m "${S}"/${mod}-only/Makefile

Next you will need to make a new digest:

cd /usr/portage/app-emulation/vmware-modules/
ebuild vmware-modules- digest
emerge -pv vmware-modules

You should be good to go. I have a Gentoo client and Windows client. Both came up after rebooting in to the 2.6.26 kernel.