I'm having issues with the latest update to Mozilla Firefox

So my wife updated her Firefox last night, and now it's unable to resolve sites on the net. First thought, it has to be firewall.. right!?!? Of course, my irritation rises, since Norton is installed on that machine. I started disabling various 'protections', and still no-go?

Okay, IE7 works, so I thought I'd reinstall since something might have gotten goofed there. Reinstall went smooth, but still no internet.

Next, is Google. I'm hoping that others have had this problem too. I found this useful thread.

Of course, they're all saying it has to be firewall, and I'm not denying that. I just don't understand why I after I disable everything in Norton it was still fighting me. But then I remembered reading a post in that thread about a guy that had to uninstall a firewall program he had in the past (and not currently running) and it worked. The light bulb lit up! I remember installing Sygate Pro Firewall years ago on the machine. It has been running (verified in the process list), but thought I'd uninstall it from the system. After the uninstall and reboot.. and ta-da.. Firefox is working again. It's very strange that sygate was still involved. It did do binary checking on executables and give warnings if the program has changed. I'm wondering if that was still somehow happening (listed as another process)?